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The State Visit of PM Modi will Open-Up an Elevated “Bold New Chapter” in India-US Relations

The foremost state visit of Prime Narendra Modi to Washington will be remembered by many people as this will be the starting of a “bold new chapter” in US-India strategic relations, according to the US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti.

On Friday, PM Modi wrapped up a high-profile visit to the US after the talks with President Joe Biden on Thursday at the White House. Both countries made a magnificent breakthrough in their strategic partnership relation. The leaders commended the landmark pact to jointly offer jet engines in India for military aircraft powerup with a deal to purchase armed drones from the US to elevate India’s national security.

Both Modi and Biden also praised the growing relations between the countries where the President said, “It was among the most consequential in the world that is stronger, closer and more dynamic than at any time in history.”

“I think this visit will go down in history as the turning of a page and the starting of a bold new chapter in America and India relations. It’s the culmination of years and even decades of work,” Garcetti told a news agency in an interview.

Los Angeles’s former Mayor also mentioned that the strategic relations are more than that, it’s a friendship. He said, “It’s a friendship, it’s genuine and it’s deep, Garcetti, also a close confidant of President Biden.”

During the interview, he also said that the purpose of the state visit has leapt beyond many of the expectations, whether it’s work done by the governments, or it’s been personal relations between PM Modi and President Biden or whether it’s a people-to-people ties front, both countries have made a decision to open new consulates.

The US envoy said, “the Indian dream to me in 2023 mirrors what the American Dream has been for so long. This idea that doesn’t matter where you come from, if you set your sights high and work hard, with a little luck, anybody should be able to go as far as she wants.”


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